Genny 3

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  • Описание

    Genny 3 is BLM’s new genesis atty.

    It became a continuation of Genny 2 – our first product which gave a start to Bear Lair Mods company.

    When we started creating a concept of Genny 3, there was a few goals to reach:

    • Modern look: getting away from a ‘heavy’ metal design and making an ambitious project with advanced materials.

    The deck of the atty is made of PEEK. This material is very solid (even more than some metals), biologically neutral, It’s got a very high melting point (343°C).

    The body is made of Ultem (Noble Amber) / polycarbonate (Clear ICE). Both materials are well known and well-established.

    We kept some metal parts inside (510 connector, pin, negative and positive contacts) to make Genny 3 very durable.

    •  Lightweight:  as light as a feather, 15 gr only!
    •  True MTL lung: 1.2/1.4 mm, the perfect find for those who are fond of MTL. We also made a space for DL fans: airflow can be changed up to 1.8 mm.
    •  Customization: being able to change the atty’s appearance completely with a simple changing of a tank and a cap. It’s possible to make it look more ‘classic’ by using a metal satin cap.
    •  Convenience and comfort: it’s easy to get the access to the deck, easy to build, easy to refill.

    All these things helped us to make Genny 3 an optimal choice for any modern WV or mechanical mod.


    Set includes:

    1x Genny 3 genesis with choosen kit (Noble Amber or Clear ICE);
    • 1x SS AFC Ring MTL (1.2 mm / 1.4 mm / 1.6 mm / 1.8 mm);
    • 1x ULTEM AFC Ring MTL (1.2 mm / 1.4 mm / 1.6 mm / 1.8 mm);
    • 1x Black Delrin drip-tip
    • 1x SS AFC Key with unique serial number;
    • 1x Repair kit (Orings and screws);
    • 1x Gift Pack;


    Base and central pin insulator — PEEK ;
    • NOBLE AMBER cap/tank/afc ring — ULTEM;
    • CLEAR ICE cap and tank — Polycarbonate;
    • Satin SS Cap and SS afc ring — AISI 316;
    • Central pin and positive contact — AISI 316;
    • Screws — AISI 304;
    • Orings — Silicone;

  • Specifications
    15 g
    Choose set

    Noble Amber, Clear ICE